Mom. Fitness Competitor. Consultant.


Maria Garcia — at 57-years old — continues to prove that age means nothing when you've got some serious attitude. 


Knowing how fitness has changed her life, she’s harnessed much of that energy into curating great gift ideas for every part of a health and wellness journey. And that is both the fun and the challenge that faces her. Because no two people are alike. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another person. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.


Over time she’s learned it’s not about finding the perfect answer to everybody’s needs; it is about learning what others found success with, trying those things out, keeping what works, and discarding the stuff that doesn’t.


Self-improvement is a lifelong process. It requires persistence, dedication, a willingness to be open to new ideas and a readiness to adapt.


Also, Maria believes that while everyone’s personal story is unique, there is also something in everybody’s story that is universal, something we all can relate to. In her blog she will recount both her own experiences and those of others. And she will forever be on the lookout for new ideas, products and approaches that will help maintain the desire to forge ahead and stay the course.


In the end, she says, "It is the ability to inspire others to transform their lives physically, and financially, that is my passion." 


Maria speaks from experience. She hasn’t always been fit.


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