Little known facts about Sasquat:


• Many people think Sasquat and Sasquatch are one and the same. The fact is that Sasquat is the Sasquatch’s smarter cousin (on his mother’s side).

• An even more distant cousin, the Abominable Snowman, does not like the word “Abominable.” He prefers “misunderstood.”

• When Sasquat proposed to the Yeti, he was the first to coin the phrase, “You complete me.”

• Sasquat was sporting the torn T-shirt look long before the Hulk came along.

• They say when Elvis left the building, Sasquat was waiting for him in the Cadillac, and they went camping at Area 51. Sasquat had bragged about what a good forager he was. He would disappear for hours at a time (to go foraging, he said), and would come back with the oddest assortment of items, none of which met their camping needs, like leggings and alien swim suits. They finally had to abandon their camping expedition because Sasquat did not know how to start a fire, even though he told Elvis he was an expert.

• Sasquat’s middle name is Mortimer.