John Lennon put it best: "Life happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

In the early 2000's, happily married, with two beautiful, rambunctious sons, life was good until I suffered a serious back injury. I was a runner, but after the injury the slightest misstep was an excruciating experience. I couldn't focus on anything except how to avoid that terrible pain.

My world unraveled. McDonalds, KFC and Taco Bell constituted my food groups. I gained fifty pounds. My life felt pointless. If it weren't for my sons, I believe I would have ended it all. Five years, six doctors, and one surgery later, the pain was finally alleviated. I was running again, slowly getting back into shape.

However, to paraphrase John Lennon, life has a way of shaking things up. I got divorced, and as a single mother really had to struggle to make ends meet.

An epiphany struck: My fitness regiment can be empowering, but whenever a major challenge disrupts my life, it distracts me from that regimen. And I suffer the consequences.

I needed something that would help me stay on track.

I took a step in the right direction in 2012 when my friend introduced me to Isagenix. Blown away by the results, I now had a nutrition regimen to compliment my fitness routine. At the time, however, I didn't realize I needed one more link to complete the chain. Then life struck with another series of blows.

My brother lost a battle to cancer. Before my family had time to absorb our loss, my father needed triple bypass surgery. Two months later I needed surgery after doctors found a tumor in my salivary gland. And all that was just a prelude for the next devastating blow.

Last summer, doctors discovered my mother had an inoperable brain tumor, I spent the next five months taking care of my mom until her passing in October. I was with her nearly every day.

My earlier epiphany proved prophetic: fitness and nutrition were the last things on my mind. I gained thirty pounds in that five months. It's now 2016 and I'm finally starting to think about getting back on track. When I began the Isagenix IsaBody Challenge I weighed 173 pounds. I now weigh 135, at 55 years of age. The Healthy Mind and Body Isagenix program has come into my life at just the right time. Its mental approach to health and wellness is the missing link I've been searching for:

My workouts keep me lean. The Isagenix products provide a nutritional regimen that help me maintain a healthy diet. And their innovative, Healthy Mind and Body program demonstrates how to achieve a mental toughness and stay focused, no matter what obstacles life throws in my path.

I may not know an endorphin from a dolphin, but I know that I never felt—or looked—better. Healthy Mind and Body is all-encompassing. Once you embrace the principles, it's a complete, self-sustaining process.



Spartan Race with son.

My IsaBody Challenge Video, Maria Garcia 2016

The Isabody Challenge provides body improvement help and cash prizes!