Sasquatin' It Collection

“Life is short.” We’ve heard it. We know it. But let me ask you....

Do you live it?

We all have a fun and kooky side. Some people hide it under the proverbial bushel. Others have suppressed it for so long they wouldn’t recognize their fun—let alone their kooky—side even if they saw it in the mirror.

Well, that ends today. 

Welcome to the Sasquatin' It Collection, an off-beat, off-the-wall collection of T-shirts, swim suits, leggings (and more), all designed to call on the fun and bring out the kook.

Sasquat (not to be confused with his cousin, the Sasquatch) is the last behemoth standing in the menagerie of fantastical creatures. And now you can use him to put your own quirkiness on display, loud and proud.

Let’s face it - Life is too short, and normal can be stuffy. Let the world know you are not just one of the crowd.

If you wear it, it will come: Once you begin your strut in your Sasquat T-shirts, your witty and whimsical side will shine through.

Swim suits and leggings coming soon.