12 Signs You are Ready to Hit the Fitness Stage (as revealed by competitors)

August 5, 2017


You've been thinking about competing on the fitness stage, but not sure if you're ready. Do you know what it takes? I've uncovered 12 tell-all signs fitness girls revealed about what it takes to prepare for the fitness stage. 


You know you're ready to hit the fitness stage....


When you are passionate about a fitness lifestyle. 

Make sure this is something you’re excited about doing, rather than a frustration with your body image. The fitness stage can be very unforgiving. The best competitors are constantly reinventing themselves for the better. 

To be competitive you must stay hungry (no pun intended). 


When you're addicted to the gym. 

It is your sanctuary. It's your place to create the magic. But you're smart enough to know you don't have to spend hours upon hours there to achieve a stage-worthy physique. It's a hobby, not your life. Anything beyond 1-2 hours a day is counter-productive.


When you're ready to learn more. 

Being on stage is an eye-opening experience. You will learn more about yourself than you ever imagined. You must be willing to shed your ego and be ready to absorb these valuable lessons. 


When you are ready to step out of your comfort zone. 

Anytime you take a risk and put yourself out there, you are going to have naysayers. But that's okay--that's the nature

of the beast. Because just as sure as there are haters, there will be even more supporters who will love what you project and cheer you on. So be ready to shrug off the cynics and engage with those who accept your journey. 


When every fiber of your being responds with a resounding YES to the idea of competing. 

Don't compete for the sake of accolades, attention, or trophies. Don't do it simply to show off a banging body and your unbeatable charisma. Do it as a testament to the power of "I am, and I can."


When you can face the fear of failure. 

The fear of failure is something we all feel, to some extent. If you're not ready to face it, then it will paralyze you on a fitness stage.


When you can deal with the fear of success. 

This is a concept that people find hard to grasp. With success comes more work, more visibility, and higher expectations. If you aren't ready to deal with these challenges, then you are not ready to step onto the stage.


When chicken and broccoli for breakfast seems perfectly normal and mustard, spicy or regular, becomes its own food group.

Eating clean is a must. Forget about any buttermilk pancakes or sausage before a show. 


When You know the difference between a cupcake and post-binge eating. 

The temptation to go overboard can be strong after a show, and once engaged, binge eating is like a runaway train. You can literally destroy in a few days what has taken months to obtain and inevitably impact any future competitions.


When you stage-walk down the street. 

It takes a great deal of practice to learn how to walk, pose, and present yourself as if you were born with five-inch heels on your feet. This aspect of your performance can be just as important as your physical appearance, when it comes to

a judges decision.


When you reject the self-doubt. 

Your mind can create its own negativity. You must constantly remind yourself to ignore it, and know that it is very different from the reality.


When you are ready to inspire and ignite excitement in others. 

Because you will! When you share your passion it lights a spark under others. Perhaps it inspires them to get back into the gym, live a healthier lifestyle, or unleash some other passion they may have placed on the back burner. Whatever

it is, leading the way to create change feels great!


If you recognize yourself in this list and catch yourself nodding in agreement, it confirms you are in step with fitness competitors and ready to take on the next step, signing up for a show! All you have to do is keep moving forward.


You got this!

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