Are You Ready To Turn Your Life Around?

October 10, 2017

Create A Fitness Mindset

What does it mean to adopt a “fitness mindset,” to decide, once and for all, you are ready to make a significant change in your physical well being?


To begin, it means avoiding all the clichés (I will admit, they are so prevalent these days it’s nearly impossible to avoid them). One of my biggest peeves is the supposedly uplifting phrase: “If I can do it, anybody can.” Why anyone would try to suggest their success practically guarantees my success is beyond me.


When it comes to committing to a fitness mindset, the actual decision is probably the most difficult action to take. And still, that’s only the beginning. After that, you have to find ways to stay motivated, stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize (see how hard it is to shake free of those clichés?).


There are, of course, hundreds of methods and approaches that claim they can help keep the fire in your belly ignited. The challenge is to find the handful of ideas that will work for you.


When it comes to staying focused, two of the most important actions you must take are to organize and track your progress. Apps, of course, are the aid of choice these days. Sometimes, however, in this world of ubiquitous smartphones and dubiously virtual reality, it might do you good to think outside the box.


For example, instead of your handy-dandy device, where you can enter your data, tuck it away with a simple tap or swipe, and forget about it, what if you went old school with a hands-on fitness planner and food journal? Because when you are truly motivated to make changes you will make the time to put pen to paper. 


And speaking of old school: Does anybody remember flash cards? I do. I have a set that has a different exercise on each card so I can mix and match, and build my own personal workout regimen.


The point here is that the decision to act, to turn your life around and create a fitness mindset, is one of the greatest challenges you will ever have to face. And yet, it is still only the beginning. 


Next comes the planning, the actions, finding the tricks and methods that will help to keep you motivated and keep hope alive (Dang, another cliché!).

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