Super Gift Ideas for Kids

October 15, 2017

Let’s talk about super gift ideas for kids. Or should we say: gift ideas for super kids. In the rough and tumble world that is the land of childhood, the adventure begins in their bodies and imaginations. 


With the gifts listed below they can scale the sides of Everest, swing through the Amazon jungle, train for the next Olympics or Ninja competition, and learn the rules of being a superhero while creating their own superhero persona. And best of all, while they are embarked on their one-of-a-kind adventures, they are building their bodies, improving their balance and coordination, and expanding their minds.



Design Your Own Superhero Cape


With this exciting DIY kit, not only can every kid be a superhero, they can also design the cape that will define the type of superhero they want to be. With colorful foam and felt pieces that can be cut into shapes, and a variety of glitter glues to add a pop of sparkle, the Design Your Own Superhero Cape will help to boost your little superhero’s powers of imagination.





Ten Rules of Being a Superhero


Everyone knows that even superheroes have rules to live by, and this engaging book brings those rules to life in the fantasy world of one little boy and his favorite toy, Captain Magma. From always responding to a call for help to only using one’s powers for good, this book is the starting point for all your little superheroes in the making.







Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper


Rock it, roll it, pop it! This popping rocker will keep kids engaged throughout the day as they discover the different ways they can use their new toy.




Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center



Bring the jungle-gym home with this geodesic structure. Only five feet in height and ten feet in diameter, it will keep your kids active and help them develop strong muscles and coordination. It also comes with rock climbing hand grips.






Little Tikes Disc Swing


This durable construct comes with ten feet of rope to accommodate different tree heights, and will provide hours of fun for all swingers, ages three to ten.







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