The Beast is Dead. Long Live Sasquat Strong

November 6, 2017



Beast Mode, your time has come. This is the dawning of the Age of Sasquat Strong.


I’ve been a fitness geek a long time now, and in my chats through the years with fellow gym rats, between workouts and over protein shakes and snacks of carrot sticks and hummus, one thing we all agree on is how challenging it can be to find the motivation to keep going. We are constantly on the lookout for some sort of inspiration that will keep the fire under our butts. It can be anything from a humorous line to a catch-phrase, to a philosophical or life affirming quote.


And while the right turn of phrase can do wonders to keep me motivated, I’ve always got my ear to the ground, in search of the next line or quote that will crank up the flame under my derrière.


For the longest time “Beast Mode” was the go-to motto for me and fellow fitness enthusiasts. It was aggressive and larger-than-life. But lately it seems to have fallen from fashion. It’s inspirational luster has begun to fade. Not having the patience to wait for a new insight to strike me, I set out to create a new one for myself. That’s how the “Sasquat” was born. By combining the fitness craze with the Sasquatch legend, also known as Bigfoot, the Collection will give Beast Mode a whole new meaning.


The Sasquat is the beast to end all Beasts. And the collection I created to support the motto will include a variety of accessories—T-shirts, gym bags, journals, mugs—all handy reminders of the “Sasquat” mind-set.


The Sasquat movement will also have its own vocabulary:


Sasquatin’ (to attack your workout, or any endeavor, with the ferocity of the Sasquat; not for the faint of heart)


Sasquatchy (having the strength, the bearing, the drive of a Sasquat; confident, imposing, fearless)


And for the ladies there is the Sass-quat (a sassier version of the Sasquat)


I have called upon my 30-plus years as a graphic designer to create a collection that will be fun, sometimes frivolous, and always, I hope, inspirational.

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