The Great “How To Hydrate” Debate

January 15, 2018

The Water Bottle vs. The Jug



This is the first in an occasional series that I am going to call: Do you really want to be that guy/gal at the gym?



Hydrate hydrate hydrate!


You cannot overstate the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day. I will avoid the jargon for now and just say it keeps things fresh and flowing throughout the body. Now, it’s recommended that we take in about a gallon of water every day.


Did you see the last two words in that sentence? 


So why do I see guys at the gym luggin’ and chuggin’ from a gallon sized jug, as if they were going to finish the entire contents of that container within the span of their two hour workout?


Are they trying to prove something? Are they trying to impress someone? 


What gives?


Now, I’m well aware there are exceptions. Bodybuilders training for a competition, for example. They’ll spend four, six, eight hours at the gym, so I can see where they might want to use a super-sized receptacle.


But really, how many of the guys you see lugging those jugs look like they’re serious, hard-nosed, no-nonsense competitors?


Some of them say this is the only way they can keep track of how much water they are drinking. But that just ain’t the case.


There are a lot of great, normal-sized water bottles out there that will help you track your H2O intake throughout the day.


And when you’re at the gym with your more manageable, normal-sized water bottle, even if you have to refill it at the water fountain, you won’t be the guy holding up the line, spending the next twenty minutes refilling a cumbersome gallon jug.


Because, let’s be honest: Do you really want to be that guy?





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